The risks of buying guitars online !

Almost anyone who can play the guitar would be unlikely to buy one online. A guitar is really not something you should be buying online. Shoes, hats, golf clubs, tennis racquets, crash helmets etc are other things better not bought without you trying them. Here are some reasons you should visit our store to buy your guitar….

The height of the strings from the neck is called the ‘action’. If the action is too high (see picture) then you will struggle to learn anything and you will most likely give up because it HURTS.  All our guitars (from beginner to pro) are properly adjusted to play nice and soft and easy. We only sell quality instruments that can be adjusted. You will enjoy learning and not struggle. Online sellers do not do this, they just ship you a guitar in a box and you’re on your own ! Beware.

You may also have small hands or really big hands ? Long fingers, short stubby fingers. We’re all different and so are guitars. Some necks are wider, some are narrower. You always need to try guitars in your own hand even if you can’t play well yet. If you can’t visit the store we can discuss it and ship you a properly set-up guitar.

  • What is a C neck, a D neck, a V neck...we can show you
  • Should I buy a steel string or a nylon string...we can show you
  • What is a jumbo fret...a medium jumbo....a vintage fret ?
  • Why is a vintage radius different than a modern radius ?
  • The internet is cheaper ? ...Not really, we will always look at matching online prices

Please shoot me your best deal on this guitar!


    What Our Clients Say

    “Robert at the Guitar Lounge is not joking when he says he aims to beat competitors’ prices. A lot of other shops only price match but in most cases Guitar Lounge is able to beat them. Swift responses on all my tedious queries as well, highly recommended! My most recent purchase from the Guitar Lounge is a Fender Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb amp. Called up late afternoon, Robert gave me a great price, paid up and the next day I turned up at the shop – the amp was already sitting there in sealed box waiting for me to collect. You can’t beat that kind of service, and knowing I can speak to a real person face-to-face if I run into any warranty issue in the future is priceless.”

    Coppel Lai

    “Great, friendly staff. Amazing knowledge and stock some stunning guitar! Highly recommended!”

    Nicholas Mordecai

    “I have been buying guitars from Robert since 1988, he is by far the best musical instrument retailer in Sydney if not Australia. Rob’s passion for Fender guitars and the expertise he provides his customers is 2nd to none!”

    Nathan Correy

    “What an amazing guitar shop. The owner is not only very knowledgeable, but also very friendly and helpful. He demonstrated the guitars to us with great details. The shop is such a gem with a very wide range of good products and the prices are not bad. The location is great too, very close to QVB. Highly recommended!”

    Ahimsa Shakti

    “Absolutely amazing guys. Super friendly and helpful, they know what they’re talking about and they’re there to help out. All the guitars are taken care of beautifully, with an awesome variety. Nice and cozy store, perfect.”

    Peter M

    “It’s a small business with excellent service and a great selection of Fender guitars. Robert provided helpful advice in selecting my first guitar and made sure the guitar is set up properly. Strongly recommended!”

    Tomasz Mikolajewski

    “Great atmosphere, friendly and professional service and of course the most amazing selection of guitars ever at fairer than fair prices!”

    T REX

    “Bought my strat from here. Rob is a legend! Was super patient letting me try out every guitar in the shop and gave it to me for a very good price. Would highly recommend.”

    Maroota Joe

    “One of the cooler guitar stores in the world. Great gear and knowledgeable owner.”

    Johan Jagger

    “Robert is amazing! guitar expert, gave me a fair price, tuned and adjusted the guitar for me. Awesome customer service!”

    Hansel Belen

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